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In recent years, a lot of new concepts have entered our lives with blockchain technology. Undoubtedly, airdrop is one of these new concepts. While airdrop is a good campaign to promote a blockchain and gain new users, users can also win rewards, albeit in small amounts.

In this article, general information about crypto airdrops is given, and information is given about the airdrop campaign that omchain carried out in the last quarter of 2020.

crypto airdrop

What is Airdrop?

Airdrop campaigns are the name given to campaigns to promote and increase awareness of cryptocurrencies. Especially after a new project, free coins or tokens are sent to the users’ accounts with the airdrop campaign. In return, users are expected to perform small tasks. Generally, in airdrop campaigns, users are requested to follow the social media pages of the related blockchain such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Afterwards, users are sent the corresponding cryptocurrency free of charge. Another type of airdrop campaign is to reward users who are relevant crypto holders. Users who hold the native token of the relevant blockchain for a while are rewarded for their support of the blockchain ecosystem. Thus, users are encouraged to hold coins or tokens. While airdrop campaigns can be made for coins or tokens, they can also be made for NFTs.

Although airdrops seem advantageous for users, there is a point that should be underlined here, the scammers. They can steal people’s assets by pretending like they are creating an airdrop campaign. Unfortunately, there are people who lost their crypto assets with many airdrop scams in the past. For this, when you come across a piece of airdrop news, you should carefully examine the project and make sure that it is correct. It is useful to follow the information about the crypto airdrop from the official social media pages of the blockchain and question its authenticity. One of the methods that scammers often resort to is to send links that resemble the name of the relevant blockchain to users or announce the news of the airdrop from fake social media accounts that do not belong to the blockchain. Therefore, before clicking on a link, the address should be carefully checked and airdrop news other than official accounts should not be considered. It is useful to be extra careful here, especially if a link has been sent where you need to link your wallet for the airdrop.

How do airdrops work?

Airdrops differ from project to project. In some airdrops, the reward is deposited directly into the crypto wallet, while in others it has to be requested manually. For this, it is especially important for users to have a crypto wallet supported by the relevant blockchain. Because not every crypto wallet supports every crypto asset. Therefore, carefully read the wallet requirements if you are planning to participate in an airdrop. For example, in omchain’s airdrop, the project team recommended airdrop participants use TrustWallet. Users participating in this airdrop had seamless access to OMC tokens for the tasks they completed. In some projects, coin/token is sent via airdrop to users who keep a certain amount of related coin/token in their wallet for a certain period of time.

how do airdrops work?

Why are airdrop campaigns made?

With the popularization of blockchains, new blockchain projects are emerging every day. Due to the multitude of these projects, it can be difficult for a new project to be noticed and stand out in the first place. Therefore, new blockchains need publicity to promote their projects and stand out. Airdrops are good campaigns that can attract the attention of users. With Airdrop, both users and blockchains win. While users can earn rewards for given small tasks, the recognition of blockchains is increasing. So, it would not be wrong to say that it is a win-win situation. In addition, as mentioned above, some airdrop campaigns also reward users’ loyalty. The main reason for making such airdrop campaigns is to support people to hold their coins/tokens. Those who hold the relevant tokens are rewarded for their loyalty.

Some Examples of Airdrop Campaigns

omchain is a blockchain founded in 2020. In other words, we can say that it is a fairly new blockchain. For this reason, omchain carried out an airdrop project to reach larger audiences and to gain the trust of its users. This airdrop project both made a good promotional project and rewarded its users who supported the project. omchain carried out the omchain (OMC) airdrop, which was the native token at that time, between September 4, 2020, and December 31, 2020, that is, for about three months. During this period, free OML was sent to the wallets of thousands of users. During the OMC airdrop, 3,254,135,71 OMCs were sent to 8921 different users. Thanks to this airdrop campaign, there has been a significant increase in the number of users of omchain’s social media platforms. Airdrop participants will be able to stay up to date on omchain while earning rewards by following omchain’s social media accounts. They will have the opportunity to be among the first to hear about a new development in the omchain network or perhaps a new airdrop.

Various campaigns were made in order to reach more audiences in the OMC airdrop. After completing the different tasks, users were requested to fill out the forms on the Airdrop Participation View page. By filling out these forms, users were allowed to participate in this airdrop. Moreover, the social media addresses of the users to participate in the airdrop were also taken and their participation in the airdrop was checked. omchain team has also been in one-on-one interaction with its users for the problems experienced during this airdrop. The support request that was answered when the project ended was 12,220.

Since omchain attaches great importance to transparency and reliability, all submissions made with airdrop can be tracked at https://etherscan.io/token/0x224db5e6180761df4c3d8936585f6b8b 83879770. Here anyone can review how much OMC was sent to which accounts. In the OMC airdrop, users were asked to verify their phone numbers. In this way, it has been tried to provide a fairer approach by preventing the same people from receiving more than one airdrop reward.

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