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ANNOUNCEMENT: Strategic Partnership with HackenProof

by Gözde Karakaya

HackenProof is the topmost Web3 bug bounty platform for CEXs & Wallets, daily protecting over $28b in user funds. It is a worldwide tokenized business that focuses on cybersecurity. This platform brings its users together with the global hacker community to detect security problems in their products. The bug bounty programs run by HackenProof are specially designed to meet their customers’ needs in any case of cybercriminal activities. In other words, the programs minimize the risk of cybercriminals stealing the users’ important data.

With this strategic partnership between HackenProof and omchain, smart contracts and protocols being deployed on omchain will have priority on triage as well as initial audits done by omchain. Moreover, projects who wish to be participated in HackenProof’s bug bounty program will go through an onboarding process assisted by omchain.

About HackenProof

With more than 5 years of experience, the company has become one of the leading platforms for Smart Contracts and Blockchain Protocols, with 30+ security professionals providing triage services and validating 50+ reports daily, and among 12K thousands of researchers get paid $842,200 for relevant, verified bug reports. 

In the world of Web3, it is crucial to ensure blockchain cybersecurity as the data is structured into blocks and each block contains a transaction or bundle of transactions. In terms of asset protection, Hackenproof aims to provide outstanding cybersecurity services. These services comprise ethical hackers to legally present security flaws. In this way, customers get a good chance to have their security system checked properly while ethical hackers could perform their skills in a legitimate way.

What Does HackenProof Provide?

HackenProof’s Platform offers plenty of advantages for their users’ cybersecurity.

  • Multi-level access for team members is a key to our platform. Once you are our team member, you will receive reports on security bugs from hackers, customers, and independent security researchers before cybercriminals can exploit those vulnerabilities.
  • You hold the ability to divide and manage programs by projects. A company could have more than one project based on different roles and access.
  • You are able to pay in your project’s native token, fiat, or stablecoin.
  • Integration with Telegram, Jira, etc. is enabled within the company. Therefore, Hackenproof keeps track of support and software issues users are having through Telegram.
  • Hackenproof has excellent triage services to manage your vulnerability reports. Triage is a procedure of arranging the bug reports presented by hackers, inspecting for copies and issues outside the scope, and determining the importance level. Our team aims to achieve a scrutinized and detailed report so that you will not have any problems furthermore.
  • HackenProof handles payments between you & hackers. With this system, your payment is secured and not transferred until the job is finished. 
  • You have the ability to set up your personal severity methodology. Hackenproof has various bug bounty programs so that you can choose according to your security system.
  • HackenProof’s ethical hackers show personal statistics and analytics of the users and their security systems. 

HackenProof’s bug bounty program is an excellent choice for receiving reports on security vulnerabilities from white-hat hackers and independent security researchers. It is cost-effective and legal. Most importantly, it offers asset protection before any cybercriminal activity takes place to misuse those flaws and ruin your reputation. 

HackenProof is always there to assist with their team of 12k+ ethical hackers to deliver relevant bug reports and crowdsourced penetration testing.

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