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What is APTOS (APT)? 

by Gözde Karakaya

Launched in October of 2022, Aptos is a contemporary tier 1 solution that claims to develop products and applications that redefine the Web3 user experience. Founded by Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching, Aptos is considered one of the most reliable cryptocurrency projects of the 21st century. The native token of the Aptos blockchain is APT.

Aptos aims to facilitate the spread of Web3 through the innovative and advanced blockchain it has created. Moreover, it is stated that the Aptos blockchain was created to solve the problems such as the uncontrolled growth of decentralized applications and the high cost, low efficiency, downtime and security concerns experienced in the blockchain. It is emphasized that Aptos was created by adopting scalability, security, reliability and upgradability as fundamental principles. The main goal of Aptos is to bring blockchain-based applications to wider audiences.

The Aptos network works with the Proof of Stake protocol. The Aptos data model provides flexible key management and hybrid storage options. APT Coin is designed to be staked to ensure the continuity of the system. Staking and operating the system are rewarded with APT Coins.

The impressive rise of the APTOS is closely related to how it actually works. It adopted a few concepts that optimize its performance.

Block-STM Technology

Block-STM Technology creates an engine that efficiently manages smart contracts. This blockchain engine relies on “parallel execution” to process multiple transactions simultaneously. This makes things much faster. A single failed transaction does not stop the entire chain. Instead, transactions can be processed at the same time and all are validated after execution.

Aiming to improve efficiency further, a common timetable is enacted to prioritize certain transactions on the blockchain and effectively handle basic verifications. Thus, it is claimed that Aptos can handle up to 160,000 transactions at the same time. However, their expectations were not met after the launch of the Mainnet, only 4 transactions per second could be executed.

Move Programming Language

The Aptos blockchain uses the Move language to make transactions fast and secure. Move is an executable bytecode language with secure global storage and uncopyable custom resources that make it a hard target for bad actors seeking to take over the Aptos network. An entity in Move can be represented or stored in the source. Since builds cannot be replicated, scarcity is enforced by default. Only structures that are explicitly defined as copies in the bytecode layer can be reproduced.

Access control comes from both the accounting concept and module access privileges. A module in Move can be a library or program that can create, store, or transfer assets. Aptos Crypto Move ensures that only common module functions can be accessed by other modules. If a struct does not have a public constructor, it can only be created within the module that defines it. Similarly, fields within a struct can only be accessed and modified within its module or through public accessors and setters.

Byzantine Fault Tolerance Protocol

Aptos uses a Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus protocol that analyzes individual states and communicates with validators to update them when necessary.

This new engine dramatically improves performance in decentralized environments, provides matching infrastructure for appropriate incentives, and quickly minimizes the impact of failed validators on throughput and latency.

As a result, Aptos has been considered one of the most secure crypto projects of 2022. We can add that with experienced and highly educated developers, and its unique architecture that separates consensus from execution, Aptos manages to stand out from Layer 1 projects thanks to its use of Move as its programming language. 

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