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omapp: More Than a Crypto Wallet

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omapp is a wallet that is the product of the omchain blockchain. But omapp is more than just a wallet where you can safely store your assets. The decentralized applications (dApps) included in omApp allow you to experience the blockchain world.

omapp is primarily a hot crypto wallet. You can safely keep your crypto assets in this wallet. By entering the wallet tab in omapp, you can swap cryptocurrencies and send them to different wallets. You are able to import your existing wallets to omApp or create a new wallet and move your crypto assets to this wallet.

Thanks to the transparent and reliable nature of blockchains, you can safely store crypto assets in this wallet. It’s much safer to hold your assets in a hot wallet like omapp than to hold crypto assets on a centralized exchange. In this way, you are able to easily trade crypto wherever you are in the world with a stable internet connection. But omapp is not just a classic wallet with this feature. omapp is useful to track crypto assets and add any cryptocurrencies to the user’s watch list. You can easily see detailed information about your chosen cryptocurrency here. omapp application allows access to various dApps. These dApps include omLink, omchain’s blockchain bridge, Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Pancake Swap, and Bitget, a global crypto exchange. omapp also keeps track of your transactions with this wallet. In this way, you will have the opportunity to easily follow the crypto transfers or trades that you have made in the past.

Installing omapp on Your Smart Device

You can download omapp to your smart devices from Google Play Store for Android devices and from App Store for IOS devices. After downloading the application, you must first install it. Below is the step-by-step installation of omapp on your device. What you can do with omapp when you first open the application is summarized. You can skip these areas if you wish, or you can reach summary information about the application by pressing the next button.

In the next step, you need to connect your crypto wallet to omApp. Here you have two different alternatives. The first one is to transfer an existing wallet to omapp. The second option is to create a new wallet via omapp. This article will describe the option to create a new wallet. Click on “Create a New Wallet”.

On the following page, the usage improvement option comes. Here, the user is informed about which information omApp can keep and what information it cannot reach. In particular, it is worth mentioning again that omapp does not store wallet balance information and personal keys, does not collect your IP address, and never sells your personal data to third parties for profit. Press the Accept button to proceed to the next step.

Then, you need to create a password of at least 8 digits and verify it by repeating it. It is recommended to increase the security of your account by choosing a strong password. omapp does not store the password, so it is recommended to keep your password in a safe place.

After creating your password, your seed phrase words consisting of 12 different words will be displayed in the next step. Seed phrases are essential keywords to take ownership of your wallet. If you lose these 12 words, you will lose access to your wallet. Therefore, you will also lose all the assets in your wallet. It is therefore highly recommended to keep seed phrases in a safe place. You can also write these 12 words on a piece of paper and keep them offline. After you note the 12 words given to you in the application, these 12 words should be selected sequentially on the screen. After selecting your Seed Phrases in order, your wallet is ready to use.

After creating your wallet or importing your existing wallet, you are ready to explore omapp.

On the main page, you can see the cryptocurrencies sequentially. You can choose the order as ascending or descending according to your preference. You can add any cryptocurrency to your watch list by selecting the star on the right side of the cryptocurrency. In this way, you will have the opportunity to follow the cryptocurrencies you are interested in more easily.

When you click on My Wallets from the sections at the bottom of the page, you reach the wallet information that we installed a little while ago. In other words, you can access your crypto assets here. You can perform transactions related to your crypto assets, such as checking your balance, swapping, and sending cryptocurrencies to another wallet. You can also access your wallet address from this page. Your NFTs, if any, will also be displayed here.

When you click on the dApps tab, you can access decentralized applications such as omlink, Pancake Swap, and Bitget. With omLink, you can build a bridge between omchain and different blockchains like Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche. Thus, you can easily handle your transactions by establishing a connection between two different blockchains. Pancake swap is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) application. You can trade and stake various coins/tokens via Pancake Swap. Pancake Swap is also an Automated Market Maker. Bitget is a global crypto exchange. You can trade OMC through this exchange.

Finally, you can personalize your omapp account by clicking the My Account tab. You can change the currency of the application to TRY or USDT here. You can also define a user name and select a profile picture by clicking on the profile information section. In the security and privacy section, you can change your password and view your seed phrases. You can also adjust visual mode settings such as night or day mode here. omapp is a very user-friendly application both in terms of installation and usage. By using omApp, you can safely store your crypto assets, especially OMC, and easily track different cryptocurrencies. You can easily access another omchain product like omLink and bridge it to different blockchains thanks to your connected wallet.

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