Blockchain for Everyone

Omchain is scalable and robust blockchain, built to satisfy the near real-time EVM need of everyone.
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EVM Compatibility
Proven security, established tech stack, tools, standards and enterprise adoption
Always low transaction fees and side chain integrations enable highly scalable blockchain infrastructure for enterprise grade needs.
Audited, open-source software and consensus mechanisms enable secure infrastructure
Instant Finality
Immediate transaction finality allows real life applications to be integrated with blockchain


Empowering Scalability and Compliance
Omchain ecosystem is a collection of applications that work together to provide a powerful and user-friendly blockchain infrastructure.

Deployed Apps

  • Bridge
    Seamless communication between Omchain and other EVM networks Transfer assets between different blockchains without technical expertise.
  • Wallet
    Easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet that helps you stay on top of your assets. Track the real-time value of your assets, set up alerts and easily move them between EVM networks
  • Web App
    Central hub for interacting with Omchain's interoperable infrastructure.
  • Staking
    Earn rewards by holding and staking your assets on our network. Easy to participate, accessible through our web app.
  • Voting
    Native token for transactions and other activities on Omchain blockchain, also for staking to earn rewards. High-performance, scalability, and security by Proof of Authority consensus mechanism.
  • Forum
    Discuss and be updated about the recent news from the Omchain ecosystem and be part of the pioneers of the scalable blockchains.
  • Read Our Documentation

    Discover everything you need to know to get started with our ecosystem by reading our detailed documentation.

    Join The Staking Program

    Earn rewards by participating in our staking program, easily join and manage your staking activity through our user-friendly web app.

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    Be a part of the pioneers of the Omchain global community to lead the blockchain innovation
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