What is the purpose of the OMC token?

The OMC token is the native cryptocurrency of the Omchain network. It can be used to participate in the network’s staking program, as well as for transactions and other activities on the Omchain blockchain.

What are the benefits of using Omchain over other blockchain networks?

Omchain offers a number of benefits over other blockchain networks, including high-performance, scalability, and security. Additionally, the Omchain’s unique consensus mechanism and staking program offer unique opportunities for users to participate in and support the network.

How is the Omchain network secured?

The Omchain network uses a Proof of Authority consensus mechanism. This means that the network is secured by a set of pre-approved validators, rather than through mining.

How does the staking program work? How does the blockchain bridge work?

The staking program allows users to lock up their OMC tokens in return for a reward. The more OMC tokens a user stakes, the higher the potential reward. The exact details of the staking program, including the specific reward structure could be found on the documentation page

How does the blockchain bridge work?

The blockchain bridge allows OMC tokens to be transferred between the Omchain network and other EVM-compatible networks. This allows users to access a wider range of decentralized applications and services. Visit our bridge to transfer OMC between different networks.

How can I get involved with the project?

You can get involved with the Omchain project by participating in the staking program, contributing to the development of the network, or by using the OMC token to access the network’s services and decentralized applications. Also feel free to join our forum and share your ideas and thoughts